Alternative Nest and Trading/ Training Hub for Indigenous/ Ingenious Little Livelihood seekers is a social and cultural enterprise working on elevating Filipino culture through contemporary and circular design. It supports cultural preservation and sustainable livelihood through community enterprise building among its partner artisan communities.


No. of Weave Wearers

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Meter of Weaves Used

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Kilos of Scraps Used

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The Tapestry of Motherhood

"Before we are weavers, we are mothers first." - Mang Abel Ti Abra Community In...

By Anya Lim

Honour The Connection

When we, at ANTHILL, followed the trail towards sustainable fashion nine years ago, contemporary weave...

By Anya Lim

SUMMER 2019: Anihan

This summer, we weave ANIHAN, a collection honouring our country’s rich and vivid farming heritage. Inspired by the idyllic scenes depicted in the world-famous paintings of Fernando Amorsolo, ANIHAN or harvest is a showcase of bounty.

By Anya Lim

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