Pang-Lakbay Holiday Bundle
Pang-Lakbay Holiday Bundle
Pang-Lakbay Holiday Bundle
Pang-Lakbay Holiday Bundle

Pang-Lakbay Holiday Bundle

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For the wanderer who blazes trails around the world, exploring culture and proudly carrying ours. It is our hope that these travel essentials are the connective thread that brings you home. This set includes the Abaca Luggage tag and passport holder. Made with handloomed abaca pinaggabol from the Daraghuyan Tribe in Bukidnon and dyed with plant dye. Also included is the Reversible infinity scarf, an incredibly versatile piece with many, many ways to wear. The scarf is made with Kantarines from Bangued, Abra. It’s made from hand woven cotton by mang abel ti Abra, which translates to weavers of Abra.

*Color options for the luggage tag, passport holder and single infinity scarf will be sent once your order has been placed.

  • (1 pc) Single Infinity Scarf - 125 cm, (1 pc) Luggage Tag - 5 in x 3 in and (1 pc) Passport Holder - 5.5 in x 4 in
  •  Single Infinity Scarf - Kantarines, Passport Holder and Luggage Tag - Abaca
  •  Kantarines - Bangued Abra and Abaca -Bukidnon
All ANTHILL items are made of artisanal hands using hand- loomed fabrics as the focal material. Every piece goes through a slow and rigorous production process. As it is handmade, each weave is unique and you might find inconsistencies on the fabric. We trust that you understand the intricacies of every weave and find beauty in the imperfections.

All weaves used in our apparel line are test washed based on color fastness and shrinkage. As most of these fabrics are a blend of cotton and polyester, they are safe to be machine-washed. If unsure, always play safe and go with hand wash.

WASHING. You may hand wash or machine wash your apparel weaves in cold water using mild detergent at low spin cycle. Hang the clothes to air dry. Zero waste weaves and weaves in natural fiber must be hand washed in cold water.

IRONING. Always set your iron in low to medium heat. Use a spray bottle and spray water to straighten out the wrinkles. Turn the garment inside out when ironing.

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